Demand for Goat Interaction Results in Goatapalooza Event

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As someone who embraces a lifestyle that includes goats, you are likely well versed in the enjoyment as well as sustenance they can provide. Whether it is hours of entertainment as you watch them frolic and play or instead a refreshing glass of goat's milk with your breakfast, there is much good to come from a life filled with goats. Although owning and raising goats provides us with a special insight into their delightfulness, word of this is spreading fast throughout the rest of the world as well.

It may not be possible for everyone to raise goats in their current life and environment, but that does not mean people do not still yearn for the experience and contact with goats. In fact, there is apparently quite a demand for goat interaction as far as humans go judging by a recent opportunity to participate in such a thing. This demand became apparent when Caromont Farm, which is located in Esmont, Virginia, put out a request for volunteers to assist them during kidding season. What they were looking for specifically is people who willing to essentially hang with newborn kids to perform such tasks as bottle feeding, cleaning pens, and keeping kids warm and dry. The response to this request has been overwhelming, with people jumping at the opportunity to fill the four-hour shifts available between February the 7th and March the 13th of 2016, taking every available slot on the calendar.

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Since there was so much interest in the opportunity to get spend time with adorable baby goats, Caromont Farm has decided to take things one step further and so Goatapalooza was born. Despite the volunteer spots for the upcoming kidding season being filled, Caromont Farm still wanted to accommodate the many people in need of a good goat cuddle. The solution is Goatapalooza, an event that will be held on April 3rd, 2016, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Music will be playing, cheese will be plentiful, and goat lovin' will be available to all who visit the farm, which is located in Virginia's Piedmont region, 23 miles south of Charlottesville.

Caromont Farm is known for both fresh and aged cheese production. Here the goat breeds of Alpine, La Mancha, and Saanen are used for milk and ultimately cheese production. Cheeses are made on site daily from goat's milk as well as cow's milk which comes from grass fed Jersey cows at Silky Cow Farm in North Garden, Virginia. In both locations, animals are raised as naturally as possible in order to create the best milk, and therefore the best cheese, that is possible.

Whether you're going to be in the area yourself and could use some goat interaction or would like to try some new cheese options, Goatapalooza could be the perfect opportunity. You never know what you might learn from the experience, whether you are an old hand or relatively new to goat ownership. It is sure to be a fun day for all who attend as they kick back with goats, enjoying some tunes as well as tasty cheese.

Have you ever considered accepting volunteer help around your farm during kidding season or at any other time? Do you instead prefer to keep all that goat attention to yourself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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April 7, 2016  •  08:58 AM
What a FABULOUS idea!!! Here at SpringCreek Farm, thanks to the powers of social media, we have a steady stream of visitors wanting to interact with our baby goats. We have at least 2-3 sets of visitors per week, all either friends or acquaintances, or friends of friends. It is lovely to see folks with such an interest..but sometimes it can be prohibitive to getting chores done. Goatapalooza and ideas such as this, would be the PERFECT solution!!!! Thank you for posting!!!
November 21, 2016  •  08:58 AM
The healing power of "caring" could also help human kids. Are any dairy goat farms willing to "lend" some of your baby goats to some hurting kids at a residential treatment center for traumatized children so that the children can heal from their trauma by caring for your baby goats. We provide the care you reap the benefits in gentled goats for your herd. It could be a win-win. We are already have a "caring" program with dairy calves. I would like to expand to dairy kids.
January 20, 2017  •  10:43 PM
Wonderful idea. I am raising Nigerians by myself now, since my wonderful daughter is serving the deaf in Nicaragua. I love to show the goats to people and sure could use some help. Great thoughts!