Goats Just Want to Have Fun...By Running in a Turkey Trot 5k

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One of the many things we enjoy about owning goats is the endless excitement and entertainment they provide. Whether it is hopping and jumping around the yard, enjoying their toys, engaging one another in play, or just plain being rambunctious, goats are loads of fun to watch. Their antics are sure to brighten even our darkest days, keeping us rich with smiles when life treats us poorly.

Although a lot of goat behavior is humorous, some of it can be pretty mischievous as well. Sometimes goats decide to take their entertaining shows in the road unexpectedly. It could be that a gate was left open or they found another means of escape and next thing you know, your goats are out running amok in the name of having a good time. It is even possible that they may opt to run in a local 5k Turkey Trot or other race as the case may be.

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Photo: Glenn Wanamaker

In the town of Towamencin, Pennsylvania, a Turkey Trot 5k was held on November 21st. The participants were pretty run of the mill until the now famous Billy and Willy showed up. Owned by Glenn Wanamaker, Billy and Willy are seven month old goats with a penchant for escape. When it so happened that the Turkey Trot starting line was located in front of their home, apparently they could not contain the urge to go for a Turkey Trot of their own. Billy and Willy then escaped their property by going either under or over their fence as they are known to do and ran in the Turkey Trot 5k with several hundred human racers. Although they were not true, registered participants, Billy and Willy came in at 49th and 50th place. After the race was complete, they headed over to a nearby park to graze while police notified their owner of their adventures which were captured and documented on social media.

The story of Billy and Willy makes for a cute anecdote, but there are lessons to be learned from it. For starters, good, secure fencing is a must. This story may have a happy ending but goat escapes can and do end badly. It is also important to be able to readily identify your goats. Billy and Willy wear ID collars with their owner's contact information which is a good idea, but current physical descriptions and recent photos are good to have as well.

In the end, the bottom line is that goats just want to have fun. If you do not make fun for them, then they will make their own. This is why it is so important to provide an enriching environment that keeps them busy enough that they do not want to leave. Toys can help with this as does having plenty of opportunity to climb about and graze on tasty hay and grasses.

What is the strangest thing your escaped goats have done upon escape? Have they answered the call to race in a 5k? Let us know in the comments!

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