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How important is timeliness when milking?

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Default How important is timeliness when milking?

I'm just wondering just how much wiggle room there is when it comes to milking times. Timeliness is not my specialty, and on top of that, I have a fairly irregular schedule myself. I've tried to stick to regular times, but there's been some fluctuation. What is the window for milking times. For example, can I milk between 8am and 10am and 7pm and 9pm each day, or will that mess up a goat's production?

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it is better to have no more then 12 hours between...we all need some flexability but going longer then 12 hours may stress their udder...depends on how tight their udders can also efect milk production

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nancy d
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Not being dairy but once in awhile I have one or two to milk. I try to keep it at 12 hrs give or take an hour.
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I'm horrible with milking then I guess!

I milk at 5:30pmish and 730-830amish.
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That's funny that this tread came up because my family keeps getting mad at me because I tell them that I can't go out to dinner with them or go out to the movies because it would make me either an hour+ late or an hour and a half early for pm milking and if I was early for the PM milking then I would be after 12 hours for the AM milking (because i dont want to wake up any earlier than 6AM!) and I freak out if I'm 10-20 minutes late! Lol however there has been an instance where I could not control it and I was about an hour late for milking her and she was fine, udder was a little firm but after a couple squirts it was relaxed and easy to milk again. Though she is not a heavy producer as a FF, she is giving about 10 cups average per day.

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I am really steady during the week with 5 am and 5:30 pm, but on the weekends I sometimes am not out until 6 am then usually 5 - 5:30 pm. That is about all I care to push it. I try to put myself in that position, if I am going to be too late I will try to fit in an extra milking so they don't get to full. That works for me.
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Great question! I totally feel your pain!!! the doe we milk still has a kid that hasn't been weaned yet, so if we are late or early( ) the kid nurses her and so we just get less or more milk! Not the end of the world! But i guess you are supposed to have a reasonably strict pattern and it probably helps the doe too...
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For peak production of course it needs to be regular 12 hour intervals. But that is not my lifestyle and it just does not happen. I do not wean kids so if I am sure I will be very late I just put mom and baby together. But I have one whose baby died so I have to milk her every day. (This is the first time I have had to do this.) I only milk her in the morning and it can be anywhere from 8AM-11AM and I still get over a half gallon from her. She doesn't really seem to mind.
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I can't milk at perfect 12 hour intervals either. I still get good milk production. All you can do is try it and see. Probably would not be good for a high producer.
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I have been milking 20 goats, twice a day, for the past 3 months and let me tell you that I am always an hour or two late or sometimes early lol and said goats are perfectly fine.

If you are off by 3 hours or more every other day you will really mess with their production though. Try to keep it as regular as possible.

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milk production., milking time, timeliness

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