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That is so weird, my goats are little foodies LOL they LOVE just about any fruit, veggie, cracker, chip, treat I offer.
Their favorites are tortilla chips, kettle cooked potato chips, apples, grapes, peanuts, and peppermints.

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Originally Posted by odieclark View Post
If it helps, we have given our goats shelled peanuts at times. Hillbilly, our buck loves peanuts! He will do anything to get a peanut in the shell!!!!

So, I have opened the peanut shell enough to pop one nut out and slide a capsule in for him! This last time he didn't even crunch the pill at all! He was so excit d, as always to get the peanut...he didn't know it was loaded with h a copper bolus!!!����������
Wow, you are a total genius!! I have GOT to try that one, whether they even need blousing or not!
San Clemente Island Goats
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No genius, but after I read about the peanuts in the shell as an acceptable treat....well, I was on that one! Our boys always seem to have them around, and I love the little treat idea for the animals we raise and pets we have. I figure everyone deserves a treat now and then! The goats like them, but Hillbilly, our buck loves them! Others who have assisted at the farm have witnessed this too, and for whatever reason Hillbilly seems to be the favorite of these two guys who have helped out! This goat is endearing to them, as he is quite homely in my opinion! But, he responds to the peanuts!

Our other buck loves the animal crackers. We can give him a Replamin gel sandwich with the Replamin gel, or his extra selenium E gel On his animal crackers, but whatever works!

Good luck!
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