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Horns vs. No Horns

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Originally Posted by Jessica84 View Post
I have had many many heads stuck in the fence, feeders and on and on and never had a broken neck I'm so sorry you had that happen. This one stupid kid I have always has his head stuck in the feeder it seems and he comes out fine, he just has to think about it till I go out there. The only issue I ever had was actually a disbudded doe with a pretty good scur, she for some ungodly reason out her head threw the fence one night and then a storm came threw and she ended up getting pneumonia and dying. But I totally blame the animal its self! There is no reason for this kid to put his whole head Into the feeder, out of 80 some odd kids he's the only one. That doe had no reason to put her head threw the fence, there was NOTHING on the other side. I've had ones that they never stop getting their heads stuck. One I got loose and by the time I made it back to the house she already had her head out. She left not long after that. I won't put up with constantly being stuck. I don't mind the oops I had a stupid moment but when they keep doing that they leave.
As for what fence if you get the wire with the smaller squares, I think they are 2X4, we call in no climb fencing here, they can't get their heads stuck. The feeders I have are 4X4 square panels and kids can get their heads stuck in it (as I mentioned with dumb dumb) but nothing can get their heads threw that no climb fencing

Yeah there are some stupid goats out there. I had a Oberhasli doe who had long horns i had no idea how she got her head stuck in the horse fencing we use for the pasture fence but she did and She would be there looking at me like she was stuck come help because she couldn't get her head out of the fence because her horns were sticking straight up Until they curved. But she did this at least once a day and i got sick of it so she and her Boer goat friend ended up leaving to a field where they could be goats not worry about getting head stuck and man what a relief it was. I do miss her but don't miss her getting her head stuck. this is why I will never have horned goats.

Oh I am going to change my dog fencing over to 5 or 6ft hot panels i am tired of the fence we use and it will keep the horse off the fence to because she knows the electric is not on because are landlord didn't hook it up right UGH.

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Meanwhile, I got frustrated when my horned wether lost one of his horns in an accident and suddenly became an escape artist! His horns were wide enough they prevented him from going through most fences, but within two days of losing one horn, he figured out he could get through anything just by turning his head sideways. And if that goat could get his head through, he could get his body through--all 200 lbs. of him. Big as he was, he could even squeeze through the chicken door to get in the coop! Clearly we were not set up for hornless (or even one-horned) goats at that time!

I've found that electric wire is great for preventing goats from putting their heads through fences, climbing on them, jumping over them, rubbing horns on them, etc. It prevents a lot of accidents and wear and tear. In absence of electric wire, some folks will tape a stick across the horns to prevent the goat from being able to put its head through. I wish I could tape a stick to my dehorned goats so they'd stop putting their heads through the corners on my feeder! But alas, I'm going to have to get a welder out instead because I can't electrify the feeder.

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I fully agree on the hot fence. That was the best money I ever spent! Some goats when they decide to commit suicide there is nothing you can do about it. But really when it comes to horns I've had more not give me issues then problems. My biggest pet peeve I think about horns is just the bruises. Like right now I just got done shopping for a LONG dress that I need next month so no one sees my legs lol
But another thing I just thought of when damfino talked about their wether getting out is feeder ideas! I see all these wonderful feeder ideas where the goats put their heads threw and eat the hay and there is no way I can do that with horned goats :/ most if they can get their horns threw their whole body can fit
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Goats have more ways to hurt and kill themselves! They can get themselves into all kinds of trouble with or without horns!
Grand River Goat Farm
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