American Alpine

American Alpine - Suzanne_Tyler - img-5883-162.jpeg
Accepted colors are cou
blanc, cou clair, black,
cou noir, sundgau, pied,
chamoisee, broken or
belted chamoisee, two tone
chamoisee, and any
aforementioned patterns
broken with white
Males no less 170 pounds,
females no less than than
135 pounds
Males no less than 32
inches, females no less
than 30 inches

American Alpines originated in the Alps. They were brought to America and other breeds were bred into their lines. The resulting breed is American Alpine.

American Alpines have erect ears, straight profiles, medium height and weight, and a range of color patterns.

They are wonderful milk producers, sometimes producing over two gallons a day.


  • American Alpine Buck kid For Sael Washington State

    I have a late American Alpine Buckling for Sale. Chaos is a very loud colored buck, he is a two tone pied lavender. Yes he has spots! He is very correct to go along with that color. He is tall long bo

  • American Alpine Doe NW Oregon--SOLD!

    I have a doe out of *B Leap'n Leabo SL Highlander. Highlander's dam is SGCH Leap'n Leabo Maria's Hailly *M. The doe's dam is also out of Highlander. She friendly and easy to handle and bred to a Hi

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