kINDER goat

Kinder goats are a true dual purpose breed for milk and meat.
They produce the highest butter fat content of any goat, that out performs all other breeds for feed conversion and milk production in a commercial dairy. They have beat out other breeds in side by side taste comparison of their milk and meat.

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  • A few pics of Jan's Kinder Goats - well, no.

    I tried, turned out I did have a Photobucket account, so I uploaded three kinder pictures. I resized them and tried to follow the directions, but no joy. I am on a Mac, is that why? This is the l

  • Kinder goat blog

    This month I am the designated blogger at the Kinder Goat blog. If anyone would like to look at it, it is here: It's all new to me, but turned out to be easy t

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  • April 7, 2016 at 01:53 AM
    What is the buttterfat%? How many gallons/pounds per day?