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Have you heard of the Old Irish Goat? The Old Irish Goat was Ireland's only goat breed until around 1900. They have a thick cashmere undercoat under a long outer coat to keep them warm in frigid western Ireland winters. Unlike the modern breeds of dairy goat, the Old Irish Goat can be found in a variety of colours and colour patterns. Large numbers were once imported into England and Scotland annually, being called the 'harbingers of spring' as the drovers arrived in each town and village. In domestication, the breed could give up to 200 gallons of milk a year. Sadly, this beautiful landrace is rapidly disappearing from the craggy reaches of County Mayo, which prompted the formation of the Old Irish Goat Society. The main aim of the Society is to preserve and promote the Old Irish goat, the original and only landrace breed of goat in Ireland. The society was formed in 2006, by a group of enthusiasts who realized that the breed was heading towards extinction, but that its gene pool could be preserved if assertive action were taken. To see the work of the OLGS, log on to their website for information and photos of some truly spectacular caprine matriarchs and patriarchs.

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  • The Old Irish Goat Breed- near extinction

    With tomorrow being StPatrick's day I thought I would bring my favorite breed and charity to you all. The old irish goat is a breed in serious need, you can look at the old irish goat society websit

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