Red Boer

Red Boer - vtabora - red-91.jpg
Reddish brown
Male 110 to 135 kg /
Female 110 to 135 kg

Bred from the Boer, the Red Boer actually looks very similar to each other. Boer goats have white coats with reddish brown heads, while the Red Boer has a full reddish brown coat. Like the Boer, they also have long ears that droop down their sides. They are very docile and adaptable. Boer goats have larger leg structure and overall body structure. They are sturdy and very robust. They can adapt easily to harsh weathers like very hot summers and cold winters.

Red Boers are bred more their meat. They have excellent bone structure for goat meat production. Like many Boer goats, the Red Boer is also fast-growing and can be used for breeding early. The does also have good mothering skills that allows the kids to adapt very fast. The Red Boer males weigh around 110135 kg while females weigh around 90100 kg.

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