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  • We are newbie Nigerian Dwarf goat keepers and absolutely LOVE them!! Our plan is to make cheese and other dairy products with our ND milk... and it
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April 18, 2017  •  06:36 PM
I am so overwhelmed with all the suggestions on different threads I have been studying the past few days. So many opinions and so scared I will hurt my goats if I do the wrong thing. My Cleo is the worst followed by Hattie May. Both new moms of three week old triplets and one month old twins respectively. I have them in temporary kidding pens still. I see nits on the babies around the eyes.
Symptoms: severe loss of hair, face, ears and now all down the back of one of my new moms, anemic, flaky, itchy skin, severe weight loss. Some of the kids with nits now visible by their eyes.
Treatments so far: DE, food grade on entire body, mommas a d kids as well as their clean straw bedding.
I currently have the following in my medicine kit: DE, Ivermectin and cydectin (both picked up today, safe guard reworked, copasure (dosed 2g 4/6/17) but may not have been enough, also dosed vitamen A&E paste twice and probiotic paste once each.
Grain: 2 parts whole oats, 1/4 part BOSS, 1/4 part goat sweet feed and 1/4 part alfalfa pellets currently while nursing, I have beet pulp to give also purchased today but will soak it first, free choice onyx minerals and baking soda and fresh water always.

I appreciate in advance any and all help to let me know which of the treatments (one or a combination of any) or whatever else I can do to treat my girls!!
I have an appointment with a new vet that knows goats who is about an hour from us but can't get in to his very busy schedule until next Tuesday.
April 19, 2017  •  12:01 PM
I forgot to add that I ordered Red Cell and Vitamin B complex due to their anemia.