Adult goats in western pa

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    My mom has decided to sell her larger goats due to her health not allowing her to care for them properly.....they are too big for her to manage.

    They have been "pets" and pasture clearers and have not received any vaccinations.
    2 PB Toggenburg wethers( 1 from Round About)
    1 PB Toggenburg doe....never bred( came from Round About Dairy Goats)

    2 Boer/Nubian does...dam and daughter
    1 Boer wether.... came from Round About Farm

    The oldest of all 6 would be the Boer/Nub mother, the daughter is 5 years
    Toggs are 6 years

    Contact me for my mom's phone number.... as long as they go to either good homes or for meat, she'd want them taken care of.