Di-Methox Injection 40%

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    Jan 19, 2012
    I repeat 21 days after the last dose & do this until "well grown" which can vary by kid.

    I feed medicated pellets to kids (N-timidator brand) but when they are young, they simply can not consume enough medicated feed per day to ingest enough medication to keep coccidia in check. So I start coccidia prevention after 3 weeks old, and repeat every 21 days..... Most kids here get 4 rounds of coccidia prevention (I add it to their bottles to make it hassle free for me), and after that 4th one, they are eating plenty of the pellets & are well past 60lbs (Alpines).
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    Bringing this back up because my girls will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I want to start them on a cocci prevention. I have the Dimethox 12.5% powder - Liz, will your dosage and treatment plan work for me too?