Extreme cold weather

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    Mar 4, 2013
    You could wrap the sides with plastic
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    Sep 23, 2013
    I was worried about the cold with our newborns and their mama, even with our heat lamps. Hubby suggested taking some of the hay and straw we already had on hand and making a wall in one area for the mom to lay against and the babies are in the warming box. We stacked the hay on the other side of a cattle panel. Sure they might decide to eat some, but hey I don't care if it keeps them warm. I have hay in a feeder, and they don't appear to be eating at the bales. I was amazed at how well that worked holding in body heat.

    In a shelter book I have, they actually had that as a suggestion, stacking bales for a shelter, sort of like a Hay House. [​IMG]
    Ours don't do so well with tarps, or I would suggest that. They like to nibble at them too much.

    For the babies (born 1-2-14) I bought some footed sleepers for $2 at Wal-Mart, cut off the feet and sewed elastic (not too tight) around the 'waist' I was going to buy a doggie sweater, but they were $5 and thought the fleece might be warmer.

    Fleece footed Sleepers modified for kids (goats) by LaurieESW, on Flickr

    Good luck everyone with these cold temps. We are going to get it starting Sunday, single digits is not something we are used to, could never handle negative temps - Yikes.

    Just found this - How to make custom goat coat http://www.dairygoatjournal.com/85-1/maxine_kinne/
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    Jan 31, 2010
    A hoop house is made by taking a standard 16' cattle panel, bending it into a half circle, then securing it either to a wooden frame, using steel posts driven into the ground and wiring the cattle panel to the posts, or by securing to an existing fence. Then you secure a tarp over the top by wiring or using zip ties on the vertical sides of the cattle pan to form a shelter that the goats can get under.
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Yeah I picked up 3 more bags of shavings and they have 4 full hay bag for 4 goats. They are all penned together. I didn't even think about them snuggling.
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    Central Kentucky

    I just posted a picture of one on the previous page ;) They work great! We use ours as additional shelter and it's also a 'hay shelter' so that we can keep a roll bale of hay in it for them 24/7. They do waste a lot, BUT they sleep on what they waste, so I don't have to worry about putting down bedding, they do it themselves lol

    I will get a picture of it today to show how I did the tarps. The top is heavy canvas billboard sign that a friend gave me, I've seen similarly heavy tarps at TSC for about $60. For the sides I used cheapo blue tarps.

    WeatherBug has our high Monday as being 4 degrees, and low -4. Lord I hope they are wrong.
    Today it will be 40 and sunny. We're headed out in a few minutes to move things for the new roll bale, and try to figure out how to do things for tomorrow night.
    I am dreading it so much, and so worried about the babies especially. Plus, we have a doe that lost babies on New Years morning, and she is still very swollen <horrible birth getting those babies out>, and has a wet discharge that runs down her udder and legs. I hope that gets under control before tomorrow.
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    Jan 31, 2010
    Candice, I wonder if it might be possible to fashion a goat bra for Star. Maybe flannel on the inside so it doesn't rub or chaff, and scotch-guarded or water-proofed something on the outside to shed the discharge and prevent frost-bite or it freezing on her udder? Perhaps with a kind of a pocket that a small rolled up towel would fit in so it sticks out far enough that it will drip off instead of running down her legs?
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    Mar 30, 2011
    from noaa...."Midwest
    may linger in the negative 10s/20s with lows plummeting that night to near
    -30 Fahrenheit. The broad pressure gradient setting up over the region
    will allow gusty winds to persist which will lower wind chill temperatures
    to very dangerous levels. Incredibly, it may feel as cold as -50 to -60 on
    Sunday night over sections of the north-central states with the frigid air
    remaining in place into early next week." ..holey moley!!!
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    Mar 4, 2013
    I got a pic of my heat lamps though some of you may need some ideas ImageUploadedByGoat Forum1388890040.399557.jpg ImageUploadedByGoat Forum1388890097.587931.jpg this one has more of the fasteners out of sight. The chicken coop idea can be done with a goat pen too
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    Very neat Jen! We are going to rig up temporary box like area in each stall for a heat lamp if/when the other 2 does kid. We'll have to make sure the does can't touch the wires for sure as those 2 in particular can be brats.

    My biggest worry is the fact, we are expecting new babies any time now from 2 does. While I do have enough heat lamps and bulbs now, I don't know about getting them plugged in since we use 2 extension cords hooked together that we run out to the barn.
    they are the standard heavy duty kind. It's plugged into an outdoor power strip with 3 plug in's. I've had 2 strands of Christmas lights, a lamp w/60 watt bulb and 250 watt heat lamp plugged in with no issue, but never had anything more than that plugged in at once.
    I'm going to see if we have any more extension cords, enough that maybe we can run them through the back door to an outlet that is on a different break perhaps? Then it wouldn't be as much of a worry. But I am not sure it's a good idea to run all 3 heat lamps from the same outlet/plugs.

    Anyone have any idea? I thought about just using a regular bulb <60watt> like the one I have been using overhead for the older babies, but don't think it would be as safe as a heat lamp bulb. I'm so worried about the babies getting too cold :(
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    Nov 20, 2013
    slocomb, AL
    My two 24hr old lamancha kids have dog sweaters on. My adult goats, though shaggy, have medium weight dog blankets. My horses have medium weight blankets ontop of a fleece cooler in case they get rain under them or they do sweat alittle it will get wicked away. Then i put aluminum on the east and west sides and north and south sides of my kidding and big barn. Then loaded it with hay. The more insulation the warmer theyll stay. I am also usig a safety heat lamp for my kids. But regardless i am going to go out and check on them around 4-5am. Its supposed to be 19 tonight in south alabama. Not counting the wind chill. D:
  11. HoosierShadow

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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    It got down to -2 a little while ago with wind chill -20. It's 0 currently, -7 wind chill. The girls cattle panel hay shelter felt okay, so I let them out, I think it's better they have free choice hay in there, than just a few flakes here and there.
    Snow White's 4 day old quads are doing fine, they were active, but a couple were shivering a bit, so I went ahead and turned their heat lamp on. I doubt I'll leave it on all day, if the temp gets about 5 degrees I'll turn it off and keep an eye on them. They were climbing over each other trying to get the best spot next to the wall under the lamp lol

    I didn't put sweaters back on them, mostly because if our other 2 does kid before this cold snap is over, I will need those sweaters.
    So far neither doe is quite there yet, but my daughters doe is starting to act a bit psycho <like she's never been handled before>, she did this at the beginning of her pregnancy too which is how I knew she was bred, so I think she is very close now...

    I really hope the girls don't go before tomorrow night. We'll be back in the low 30s on Wed, and it'll keep improving after that...