HELP QUICK my goat is foaming at the mouth

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by tenfairytoes, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Jul 18, 2012
    110% not being snotty - but the search button is extremely helpful.

    posted earlier this month on someone's goat who got into the chicken feed. Think I read this is what happened to your goatie .....

    Chicken scratch is corn and milo.

    "Corn is hard on a goat, as it can lead to ruminal acidosis and other pH imbalances.. A goat with a pH imbalance is primed for certain bacterial blooms in the gut, which can kill a goat in no time flat. Not to mention, corn contains waaaaaay too much phosphorus and not enough calcium to be safe for a goat. The Ca:p ratio on corn is like 1:6, whereas what's considered safe for a goat 2:1 or even 2.5:1. Too much phosphorus can and will lead to urinary calculi in young bucks and wethers. Not to mention, chicken scratch doesn't contain all the vitamins and minerals a goat requires."

    Going off of the above paragraph, I would see about feeding her tumms/probios/vitb. Too much baking soda isn't good either. For the green snot, myself - I would give a shot of Nuflor (my favorite go to drug). I would take her off of all feed if she's on any.

    Also - if you don't have charcoal and you're in a pinch the burnt part on toast works too. Takes a bit and it's hard to get them to eat it but works for human tummies pretty well.

    And if you're running into town or someone is - you could try Gas-X?

    If she does go down you'll need to try and tube her. Look in your barn/garage for any tubing that might work. Like what you might have in your fish acquariume (spelling ?) or ?. And I know this sounds heartless but if you do loose her, you can practice tubing on her. That way it won't feel so strange next time.
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    C & D antitoxin can be used as short term prevention at one dosage and for treatment at a higher dose(twice as much as the prevention dosage). And yes, we gave it every 8 hours for treatment. Can't overdose it from what I have been told, but it can get expensive to use more than you need.

    I give our adult goats(standard size breed) 10 to 15 cc at a time, and young goats 5 to 7 cc's at a time, and a really young kid about 3 to 5 cc at a time. twice the first day during an illness. I don't use it as prevention, but you most certainly can. But keep in mind it isn't long term prevention like a vaccine is(toxoid).

    """Dosage and Administration: (Prophlactic) Using aseptic technique, inject subcutaneously or intravenously: Calves - 10 mL; Cattle - 30 mL; Suckling lambs - 3 mL; All other sheep - 10 mL; Baby pigs - 2 mL administered orally or injected subcutaneously.

    (Therapeutic) Increase dosage 100%."""

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    Feb 28, 2011
    I agree with Lilbeatsfarm, i wouldn't keep giving her baking soda, I personally give very little baking soda I prefer mineral oil and C&D antitoxin and antibiotic shots. I also like Nuflor(this is Rx).

    She made some good suggestions.
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    Feb 28, 2011

    I would not give her any more water, if that is what you are referring to as liquid. I woldn't drench her with any more water or liquid other than the oil/gas medicine that she needs. If she wants to drink water on her own that would be fine.
    Normally, an adult goat can handle being drenched with mineral oil, but chocking is never a good thing.
    A vet would for sure tube feeding her the mineral oil.
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    Tubing her would release a lot of pressure, and help remove some of the stomach contents. Do it like you would when trying to siphon gas out of a car, have her elevated higher than the end of the tubing. You'd get results instantly. And you can administer mineral oil directly into her rumen, no choking risk.

    I really hope your poor girl pulls through. Bloat is awful, I know its horror well.
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    Oct 1, 2012
    No more foam spit nada. I dosed her again with mineral oil and Mylanta. She did lay down to sleep once that I saw. I gave her the CD&T shot (and my other goat too just to be safe). She is actually eating some hay or nibbling. Not sure but I did pull her away to dose her and she went back to it. I have blurry pictures sorry it's hard when I have a Nubian jumping on me and no idea what I was looking at with a black screen. She is 10 months and I took a pic of her belly. Up top looks pretty normal at this point. Her belly is pudgy. I did a lot of massaging. I think she actually looks completely different than this morning but she is still lackadaisical. Her equilibrium is a bit off as well. Pretty sure she's weak from not digesting or trying to or whatever her poor insides are going through. I wish I'd have taken a pic this morning but I was too busy trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

    OH her stomach has stopped contracting or twitching.

    I only gave her soda one time becuase then I had the Mylanta so from what you are saying I think I did good there. I hope

    p.s. Sorry I didn't search first for this topic I was a little freaked before anyone was up in my house trying to figure it out before my little ones got up. And to be honest I totally didn't realize it was there.

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    Well the exact same thing happened to my sheep, I found a recipe in my goat book of:
    2tablespoons-baking soda... Mix it all up and try and get 1cup into them but half is fine! I did that and it worked within minutes! Also my little wether goat got into the grain and it gave him the runs really bad and pepto bismal worked AWESOME... Unfortunately he is a white goat and by the time I wrestled the pepto into him he was pink and so was I but it seemed to work its magic!! Good luck!
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    Sounds like things are getting better.
    The only thing that caught my attention with your last post was the
    "equilibrium being off". If she were mine, I'd give her 5cc/100lbs of
    Fortified B Complex a couple of times a day or 1cc/100lbs of Thiamine.
    I'd hate to see her develop polio after you saved her. At my farm,
    I give the thiamine SQ for the first 2 or 3 days and then continue
    giving it orally another 3 or 4 days. The Fort. B Comp is easier to get
    though. I'd give it SQ.
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    Oct 1, 2012
    She shook her head once and she was all whoa side to side. So of course I have none of those things. Is that a vet purchase or a store purchase? It's a vitamin so it wouldn't harm her if she didn't need it right?

    I am learning so much from you all THANK YOU ALL so much! I could cry really THANK YOU! I really think she his going to pull through. Obviously I am not goat savy yet but my uneducated guess is that she's going to live to freak me out with some other ailment.
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    You can get B Complex at the store. Get injectible B complex. It will get into her system faster. The Thiamine you will have to get from the vet.

    Glad she is doing better.
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    Oct 24, 2012
    It's good to hear she's doing better. I noticed you said you gave her the CD/T shot. Was this the vaccination or the C&D antitoxin? The reason I ask is that I've always heard the antitoxin negates the vaccination, and if used, the goat should be re-vaccinated in a couple weeks after the antitoxin has worked its way through the system. Just something to think about as she heals.
  12. tenfairytoes

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    Oct 1, 2012
    I asked for the antitoxin and my instructions were to give it to her now and t hen again in 3 weeks.
    She is UP and sizing up my fence again! She's ALIVE. Her face isn't puffy today her whole body looks less puffy. I know it's hard to tell but all of her hair was on edge yesterday making her face poofy along with the rest of her. Her eyes are full of life and back to normal. She's even calling to me. She didn't make a sound yesterday, not that she is my loud goat I was just happy to hear little bleets this morning from both of my goats. Yahoo! My daughter is going to be so happy! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I don't think she'd have made it without any attention. I am glad I was home!
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    That is great that your goat is much better.

    What exactly does it say on your bottle of CD/T?
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    Feb 28, 2011
    If it says CD & T, it isn't the antitoxin, Because It should just say C&D antitoxin on the bottle.
    Plus because of the obvious instructions, give it now and again in 3 weeks that is the vaccine. Next time you are in that feed store you need to tell them you asked for antitoxin, and they sold you the toxoid(vaccine), so they are a little more educated.

    There is also a tetnus antitoxin, it is sold separatly from the C&D antitoxin,
    It is confusing, took me a while to figure it out.

    but it sounds like your goat is doing better, and since you vaccinated her I would go ahead and follow instructions and give the booster in 3 weeks to both of them.
  15. .:Linz:.

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    So glad she's doing better!

    Just an FYI - a lot of feed stores, at least in my area, only carry the toxoid and the tetanus antitoxin, but not the C &D antitoxin, so sometimes you have to be really clear that you don't want the vaccine, you need the short, fast acting "antidote."
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    Oct 1, 2012
    I actually got it from my vet I told them what was going on. Millie is doing great today, even trying to escape. There is no way she can get into the chicken feed now though. :)
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    :cool: Congratulations, it looks like she will be fine.

    I just love that picture of her looking up at you. "SORRY MOM, I DID NOT MEAN TO SCARE YOU". She is a doll.

    Something else that you might think about.

    I have a bloat guard block out at all times. If they feel a little bloat coming on you will be amazed how they eat this. It is just like when we feel a little bloat we take a tums or an antiacid.

    As for the Baking soda. I used almost a box on one of my bucks years ago. I also not keep a bloat medication on hand. It is for cattle but my vet said to have it at all times.