My herd protector chasing deer.

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    Jun 2, 2013
    i have 3 dogs on invisible fence and it works great!!
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    Apr 13, 2011
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    In Oregon it's lumped with the livestock laws and the tribes do consider the deer their livestock.

    Any dog caught chasing or harassing livestock, deer, or elk is fair game.

  3. That makes sense to me about not letting your dog harass wildlife(although it did seem to allow for hunting with your dogs during deer season, we dont have guns so can you hunt, but without a Gun? I love deer meat)-- but I did look it up and does not say anything about someone(not Fish and Game) entering your property to shoot your dog--
    We have no trespassing signs signs posted and our dogs are guards and would have issue with people coming onto our property....
    Sorry not meaning to hijack the thread.... Country life sure is interesting (alotta things I never thought about, as a kid growing up in AR)...

    CA Fish and G. Code ยง 3960

    It is unlawful to permit or allow any dog to pursue any big game mammal during the closed season on such mammal, to pursue any fully protected, rare, or endangered mammal at any time, or to pursue any mammal in a game refuge or ecological reserve if hunting within such refuge or ecological reserve is unlawful. Any employee of the fish and game department may capture or dispatch a dog causing injury to wildlife without liability.
  4. True Goathiker. We have almost no neighbors but our land borders BLM land on one side. Hunters are allowed to kill dogs chasing deer if they don't see a collar. We have many deer and elk hunters too. It's just a bad thing. He has never ran a deer down that I know of,but one they start it can progress to that. I our area dogs chasing livestock or deer are usually executed. He is doing perfect on his e collar. Will be doing the invisable fence too.
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    Apr 13, 2011
    Oregon Coast Range
    Entering your property is another interesting thing. Fish and Game, Animal Control, etc. can't go through a closed gate without a search warrant. SO...keep your driveway gate shut, less hassle.

    Most hunting with dogs is now not permitted. I think raccoons and squirrels are all you can do now although we are trying to be allowed to hunt cougar with dogs. We still use a gun, the dogs only track and tree the animals.
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    Apr 13, 2011
    Oregon Coast Range
    Glad he's doing better GMN. The invisible fence should work really well since he's already trained to the E collar.
  7. Thanks Goathiker! That's true,chasing livestock or deer is a serious matter in this state. BLM land borders our property and hunters are allowed to shoot a dog chasing deer. Suppose to find the owner on collared dogs.
    Bear is doing excellent on his e collar and that may be all the control we need. Don't want to discourage his guardian instincts but he must return when called. The invisable fence is still in the plan too.
  8. Hmm good info (no wonder our past neighbor told us to get a cattle gate and post no tresspassing signs on it)-- I had to add a chain that darn Giant Schnauzer took about a minute to figure out how to open it with her paws-- she was on ecollar for a yr to train her to Come, but not sure how it would work if she was really fired up ... invisible fence def not as the pain just lasts a few seconds, once they are over it they keep running (my girl would).....Hotwiring a section might work better vs invisible fencing... But depends on the dog....
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    Update on my dog,Bear! After using the e collar Bear has been a good boy. Still wears it in case of an unexpected encounter but haven't needed to use it. He stays with me and the goats and is a vigilant guardian. Leading them back to the barn for me is his favorite chore after a hike. Thanks fir all your help.
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    Glad you were able to stop it before it became a habit.
  11. Thanks! Me too. I would not be safe taking them to browse without him. He's a great dog.