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    Ok this is not a emercey but a couple of questions.

    First off I have never had a goat with this bad of a parrot mouth. His teeth stick out all the time. He is starten sold foods .

    Here they are.

    First off is there anything I am going to have to worry about over him??
    Would I have to feed him special in any way??

    Sorry this is my Ivan and he is as cute as a button and has a sweet out going personality. I do nto want to loose him. There is nothign else wrong with him besides this very very bad parrot mouth. He always seems to be smile at everyone with those teeth sticking out.
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    Depends on what it looks bad it is, but he very well may have trouble eating...I guess time will tell. You may have to soften his food or chop it...feed him'll just have to see what happens. You should be able to notice quickly when he gets on solids if he's going to need help or not. He may eat just fine, but keep a close watch on how he eats and his weight.

  3. I agree to watch him to see how much he is able to eat. Does he have a underbite or parrotmouth? Underbite the lower jaw will be forward; I have one rescue doe that has that really bad and she eats fine.
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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Ok I am wrong it is a under bite. His bottom jaw sticks out
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    My ND/pygmy/ish goat has an underbite too! It was worse with his baby teeth when I first got him and I was a lil worried. My vet said he never saw one so bad..e but now he is 6 months old and a healthy happy tree eatin piggie :)

    He looks like hes smiling or puckering up for a kiss most of the time and I think its adorable. What he lacks in breeder quality, he makes up for in personality :)

    Here is a pic of him now which his teeth are much better in. Just watch your kid and make sure he eats that's all you can do.. unless someone invents goat braces Hmm ..

    upload pictures
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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Thank you. I do worry about my babies. I lost Ivan's twin and I do nto want to loose him also. Right now he is sleeping on my lap. You baby looks like my baby in a few ways. But I hate to say he has a worse under bite them yours. My vet has also took a look at him after i ut this up and said it is the worse under bite he has seen ever. Mine is going to just be a big pet also. He is going to be weithered when he turns 6 months. Also his father Dude is going to be weithered also because he has produced beautiful babies but they have one problem or another so he looses his.