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    I have a small herd of non-registered Nigerian Dwarf and ND/Boer/Alpine crosses (I never bothered with papers because I just had them as pets). I've seen other posts where discussion was being made of how to register crossed breeds (if I recall correctly someone was asking about registering a 1/2 ND-1/2 Nubian, as a "mini nubian"? Is this possible? And how? Is this only between registered goats? :chin:

    I've bred and shown AKC dogs for years and years, and this goat registration stuff is leaving me scratching my head :scratch: . SO many different registries...I don't have a clue where to even start my education. Our new doeling (and a buckling from the same breeder) is "registered" but I don't remember with which registry (AGA?). Does it matter when it comes to shows? Are there shows within the different registries? Acccck. I'm so confoosed. :?

    Hoping someone will help un-confoose me.

    Bobbye from Alabama
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    ADGA doesn't allow nigerian dwarf experimentals at this time so you can't register any non-registered nigerians or crosses yet.
    A goat has to be registered with the registry the show is sactioned for...most of the time. I know they've had double sanctioned shows...but there was an issue awhile back about them...not sure if they do them anymore?

    What breed association are you looking at? Yes, it matters when it comes to shows because some registries do a lot of shows (ADGA/AGS) and some registries don't do very many at all. There is another registry where you could register your goats. I personally don't see any benefits in joining this registry besides having identification on your goats...other than that I don't know what it offers...maybe others could chime in about it?

    The top registries right now for nigerian dwarfs are ADGA, AGS, and NDGA. They allow only purebred nigerians at this time.