Scabby/wounds on udder and belly

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by GotmygoatMTJ, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Just noticed on one of our newish does (acquired over a month ago) that she has a dry chapped and scabby feel to her udder. Managed to get her to lay down on her side for a couple seconds to see that her underbelly in front of her udder is scabby and sore looking and some of the wounds are open!

    I'm not sure how to go forward with this. A topical ointment would be good right? Is there anything to keep the flies away that wont irritate the wounds? Should I be giving her any antibiotics for an infection???

    Thanks! :grouphug:
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    For dry chapped udders, bagbalm works great and is ok to put over the wounds...but if you put a little neosporin on the wounds first it will really help. Before you do this though, take a wet wash cloth and clean it off a bit. And after all this, take some horse fly spray and spray her down real well, but don't get it on the could cause irritation. This will at least help keep the flies away.

    I personally wouldn't give antibiotics for this.

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    Thank you! I was wondering about the bag balm. I will do as you suggested!
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    I would wash it with a nice warm betadine solution. Be careful not to leave a thick coating of bag balm. Inbetween a nice warm moist udder and a protective coating of ointment creates the perfect habitat for bacteria to grow. Make sure it all soaks in well. I like Udderly Smooth. It's a cream instead of an ointment.
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    No problem! :thumb:
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    goathiker-I never even saw your post! Sorry! The area where its all scabby is right on her belly before her udder, but the udder doesn't touch her stomach. She is a dry doe-should have specified.
    But I applied all that was mentioned above last night and this morning. Hoping to see results soon! :DD