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    Hi guys,
    Another question....Bailey,my kinder doe is very pregnant....in fact I have her in a stall watching her right now. She does not appear to be in active labor but her ligaments are gone....her pooch is slightly puffy and she has a half a bag or more...(lol...best way I could describe it!) I believe she is a FF and seems perfectly healthy except her urine has a sweet odor, and the last couple of sunny days she has had episodes of panting....yesterday while I was busy with my Nubian who was kidding...I had my son hose Bailey down with the hose on mist to cool her off. This seemed to do the trick and the panting stopped.

    Right now she is eating like a mad woman! So as I said, all is good except the urine smells sweet.

    Please tell me if I should take any preventative measures to stave off any problems. She gets sweet feed daily, should I give her molasses and karo? Or just wait it out?
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    Sweet smelling urine usually means ketosis (pregnancy toxemia).

    How is her weight? How much grain is she getting? Usually a doe with ketosis will stop eating. Sometimes not enough calcium will present like ketosis. Maybe if you add some alfalfa pellets or something alfalfa like to her diet?

    My goats all pant when they lay out in the sun. Personally, unless their temp is really high, like sunstroke, i wouldn't spray them with water. I'd just move her into a shady place.

    Do you have any way of getting ketosis strips and test her urine for ketones? That would tell you if that was a problem with her or not.

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    5 or 6 might help. My does always pant the last couple days before they deliver. Is she getting alfalfa?
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    Hi, sorry internet went out and doe kidded....lol...so anyway, she seems fine now after delivering two does :cool: so I am at 4 doelings and no bucklings this year.

    Goathiker-she gets alfalfa pellets daily....I am watching her like a hawk, but so far no problems except I'd like to see her bag fill...it's not really tight yet.But we know she has some in there, just not sure how long before she fills up...

    Her urine and smelling it has subsided somewhat....
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    congrats!!! Im happy she did well....