Urinary Tract Infection?

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Burns Branch Boers, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Burns Branch Boers

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    Apr 10, 2011
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    Ok so the new goat I have, the one that was anemic from hook worms, is obviously my high maintenance girl! LOL

    This morning I noticed that she was squatting quite a long time to urinate. Some urine would sprinkle out and then stop--sprinkle out again. So does this sound like a urinary tract infection?

    I have penicillin injectable. Should I use this??

    Background info on her::She has recently undergone de-worming and I suspect she had a heavy worm load-she had white membrances (which are now pinking up thankfully) and also she could be pregnant at this time (due to kid in July). I am feeding alfalfa hay, coastal hay, 1 cup of grain w/minerals (once a day) and 1 3cc dose (orally of course) of red cell once a day. Could it be the rich diet that caused a UTI (if that is what she has)
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    Is the Doe urinating alot ...pacing ...acting uncomfortable... burning and pain during urination excessive thirst or urine odor?

    Does can get bladder stones also...
    Symptoms..abdominal discomfort...pawing...restlessness...looking or kicking at abdomen...vocalization.... signs of pain.... may strain to urinate... drops of bloody urine... Urination can be a lighter steam than usual.... The Doe should pass it on her own...

    Or.. she just may of been distracted at the time of urination..... Is this one time or does she do this everytime she goes?

  3. Burns Branch Boers

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    Apr 10, 2011
    North Texas
    Thanks Toth--I felt that I could have been nervousness since I had just come into the barn and I have been adminstering the dewormer and the daily vitamins to her she probably thought "oh no--here she comes again!" lol!! I have not noticed her doing this before-it has always been very normal (stream wise and length of time she urinates)

    This morning she stayed "hunched down" longer than normal and the urine was not in a flowing stream. I did not see any blood-but since she has been normal prior to this a.m. it may just be starting to develop. No signs of pain at all--eating normal looks normal (whew!!)

    So I guess I should wait and see how it goes? I just did not want to wait too long before begining medicine if she needed it. I don't know how sensitive goats are to UTI's, I just know they can get them :)

    Also by trying to bolster her up due to the anemia I hope I am not creating a situation where giving her too much minerals/vitamins could cause other problems such as a UTI.