Vaccine protocol for cow/calf/bull

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    My brother in law has a heifer with a newborn calf and 2 bulls. He has never given them anything but hay and their pasture. He's asked me to look into what all they need. The necessities basically. I'm hoping someone here with experience in raising cattle can help me, because all the info I've found so far is a bit overwhelming.
    What vaccines do they NEED?
    He is milking the cow and is concerned about the milk being "bad" because the cow has had zero vaccines since spring 2016 when he purchased her. I hope this makes sense lol I haze zero experience with cattle. Thanks!
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    The milk would not be bad. Any animal naturally builds up antibodies from things they are exposed to.
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    That's what I figured but wasn't sure.
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    Every cattle person vaccinated for different things depending on the risk factor of how they are managed and the area they are in. If he just has these few cows and they are away from others then she won't need much if anything. The only thing we vaccinate ours for is pink eye and pneumonia, I would have to look at the name when I get home but it's one that covers a huge verity of different causes of pneumonia.
    Loose minerals will not hurt anything at all. We just stick out all the different salt blocks they have and let them pick and choose but we also run 200+ pair so loose minerals kinda wouldn't go over to well
    Worming is the same as with the goats. As needed if you can.
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    Thanks, that helps a lot. I will pass the info along. :smile:
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    There are a lot of goat/cow people who don't vaccinate at all. I run a 40 head cow/calf operation. I do vaccinate every calf because I don't know if I will keep them or not. The cows I don't do anything to unless needed. I've dewormed the whole herd once and 2 seperate cows in the last 10 years. The fecals I just sent in came back clean. I get away with this because they are at a low stocking rate for the land they are on and I rarely bring anyone new in. When I do they are quarantined for 90 days. They eat naturally occurring pasture grass along with salt blocks and molasses during calving season.

    Be careful about what you give the cows that your drinking milk from. I don't usually vaccinate my goats that I milk if I'm drinking it. You have to be careful of dewormers too. Other than that a decent mineral and hay/grain is good. You can call and ask a vet in your area what they suggest
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