When can a Nubian buckling and mature buck become roommates.

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by robevans80, Feb 17, 2017.

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    For lack of a better set-up and to keep my sole buck from getting too lonely, I've had him share a fence line with my does. But they'll be kidding soon and it's time to get him his own digs. Since I plan to retain a doe or two (if I get one) from these kiddings, I'm shopping for a buckling - to give my herd sire a buddy and for new genetics... but assuming I buy a young buckling, how old does he need to be before he and my buck could share a pen. My buck is pretty docile. I even ran him with my does for awhile in the winter because they have a nicer, warmer house.
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    I had always put my bottle kids in with my bucks because my bucks were so gentle... it was safer for the kids in there then in with my does who would ram them around :lol: they didn't go out until they were a week or two old and could 'hold their own'

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    I bought a Nubian buckling and put him in with my 1 year old Kiko buck that has horns and the Nubian is 3 months with no horns. they are best buds I would say get a 3 month old or older and DON'T put babies in with them they can get seriously injured
  4. This isn't advice -- so please don't take it as such...listen to those with more experience! I just wanted to share my experience this year, as I'm so delighted with it!

    I had 3 bucklings born this year between Christmas and New Years. Their daddy is 3+ years old, and is pastured with a 2 year old unrelated buck. There is a "hole" under the fence between the barn paddock and the buck paddock that my LGD's created and use to move freely from paddock to paddock. Of course, it wasn't long before the little boys learned to use it.

    What was so delightful, is that their daddy (senior buck) stood watch over them! He made sure the younger buck was gentle with them. Now that they're approaching weaning age, they're spending a lot of time over there, and everybody gets along great. (No, I don't feed them over there...I'm delighted, but not stupid! LOL)

    Anywho, I will be keeping one of these boys as a possible replacement for his dad, so when I wean him I plan to plug the hole and put him over there. I wonder if my experience is as unusual as it is delightful?
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    My buck is good with kids as well. I would just introduce them and make sure they do ok together and you should be good :)
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    I agree, all you can do is try it and see. If it isn't a good situation, remove them.