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    Jan 1, 2016
    I have a Lamancha doe that had her first kid today around 3pm... I checked her several times as well as seperated her and baby once she had cleaned him up... she DID pass the placenta I saw it... but after she started leaking and this thick mucus has been hanging out since... I went to wipe it away but it feels attached and I thought well maybe there's another one... she is in a clean area with a heat lamp... i have been checking on her but I just checked her again here 8 hours later and the mucus is still there but it's cold so it's stuck to her leg and utter.. but her vaginal area is still fairly open as if Maybe something else is coming´┐╝ my last doe had hers in the night the mess was gone by morning...

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    It may be cleanup but keep a close eye on her.

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    I agree.

    How is she today?