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  1. Devon
    New to goats! Can’t wait to learn!
    1. intrepid-dreamer
      Hi Devon! I'm glad you joined
      Feb 25, 2021 at 4:41 AM
  2. Pygmy momma
    Pygmy momma
    Looking fir info on weak pygmy goat kid
  3. Diana Curtis
    Diana Curtis
    Boer doe always rejects her doelings. Loves her boys. Any helpful hints?
  4. AlabamaGirl
    Nubians are the best, come at me bro.
  5. Moers kiko boars
    Moers kiko boars AndersonRanch
    I cant wait to See Cali Gal & Chickasaw! Im sooooooo excited! Thankyou!
  6. LynLuvsAnimals
    New member. Goat bleeding from horns Please Help?? Difficulties posting a message
  7. Pat Pollard
    Pat Pollard
    Iam a new member & new goat owner. I am trying to learn how to post a message
  8. Iluvlilly!
    Iluvlilly! Goatzrule
    Hey, haven't seen you posting much on here. How are you doing? If I remember correctly you were working on buying a horse?
    1. Goatzrule
      Hello, thanks for checking in. I have been MIA for a while. Sold out most of the herd and went back to school. I did buy a horse and she is wonderful. I come on every once in a while, just cant keep up. Hope everything is going well with you
      Feb 18, 2021
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  9. Cristy
    question on bags, boer nanny bag looks engorged and she hasn’t delivered yet, been 2 days like this 145 days bred
  10. Grey
    New goat-dad - aspiring stay-at-home goat dad. Started with 8 a few months ago, already at 11.
  11. kerry71316
    Hi im new to this site and fairly new to owning goats ive had boer goats for about a year is there anyone from uk hull on here
  12. Angela D Perez
    Angela D Perez
    We are just getting our farmstead up and going. We have a La Mancha Yearling doe and two Boer doelings.
  13. Nani
    Can’t figure out when my doe is due
  14. Iluvlilly!
    Iluvlilly! Dwarf Dad
    Hey, haven't seen you on in awhile. How are you doing?
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  15. Jazzy
    owned goats under 2 years any advice I give is best cross checked, by more experienced keepers or a competent vet.
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  16. Farmslik
    Boer Goats and Dorper sheep
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  17. Nashville Nancy
    Nashville Nancy
    There is no bad weather, just poor clothing choices.
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  18. Wendy K Finley
    Wendy K Finley
    I am a new goat mama with 3 does who just gave birth three days ago!
  19. Ana
    The kid has scurs.. sadly
  20. MiMiRocks!2020
    MiMiRocks!2020 mariarose
    I am a new Nigi owner of 3 girls and one buck that will be a year old March 15-16th.. I was a bad person and have had the buck in with the does this whole time. However as of November 23 2020 no one was pregnant thankfully. However I am not so sure now. They are all getting wide. Is there a way to tell if they are pregnant other than a blood test or taking them and spending money on an ultrasound?