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  1. Stewtam
    Newby to Goating
  2. Singing Meadows Nubians
    Singing Meadows Nubians
    I don't know how many ounces it was, but l had Nubians and my two best girls always gave me a gallon, am and pm.
  3. itsgoatmomdc
    Just a goat mom wanting to learn more about goats with advice and tips!
  4. Nirmal Bais
    Nirmal Bais
    Only Goat farming
  5. Karsyn23
    I’m getting my very first goat next week, we’re buying three. Super excited!
  6. clovercreekfarms
    Building a herd of browsing wethers for weed clearing; hoping to raise fiber goats in future.
  7. DryCanyon
    Hi, I'm new in this group. I've been needing so much advice lately. I've had more things go wrong in my barnyard this spring!
  8. Tanya
    Still on lockdown, loving my kid
  9. Green Mountain Farm
  10. K's boys
    K's boys
    Hello everybody! I'm a newbie on here thought this site looked like what I needed for advice, comments, questions, and suggestions.
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    2. CaramelKittey
      Welcome to The Goat Spot! This is a fantastic website to ask questions. I usually end up learning 1-3 things every day!
      May 7, 2020
  11. Abby Wootan
    Abby Wootan happybleats
    I had a Nigerian dwarf goat die after kidding. Her cervices did not dilate at all. we took her to a vet . She did not do a c-section. The next day she was foaming at the mouth. The vet and she said to give her 1.5 cc of banamine which is a lethal dosage from what I read. She also had issues with her fist birthing with her cervices not fully dilating. we were wonder if this issue is genetic.
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    2. Abby Wootan
      Abby Wootan
      I looked at another website and it said it is also commonly passed on to the offspring.
      May 7, 2020
    3. happybleats
      Yes..this is what I'm understanding. But as a as long as she's not bred to a carrier..will be ok. Hard part is not knowing whose a carrier.
      I think I would err on the safe side and not breed her daughters.
      May 7, 2020
    4. Abby Wootan
      Abby Wootan
      yeah I agree
      May 7, 2020
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  12. Colin Koyle
  13. Dnllmperry
    New to goat farming. I have Nigerian Dwarfs. I
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  14. New2Nubians2020
    Is that edible?
  15. Tricia Hales
    Tricia Hales
    Do 6 month old goats need shots/boosters?
  16. Holmestead backyard farm
    Holmestead backyard farm
    Need help! Treated goat for infection and it cleared up.. week and half later have mucus in milk again
  17. KirDay
    KirDay TGSAdmin
    Sorry to bother you. I hope you are doing well.

    Please change my username from my full name to GoatBabiesPDX.
    1. KirDay
      and If you don't want to create confusion by doing a full name change, could you at least shorten it to "KirDay" rather than my full name?
      May 2, 2020
    2. TGSAdmin
      All Done!
      May 6, 2020
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  18. Jacque Martens
    Jacque Martens ksalvagno
    I am a new goat owner. I brought home Kiko goats, (4 doelings and I buckling). They came from a breeder who is strictly a hands-off kind of owner. These goats have never been socialized and I'm kind of at a loss of where to begin. Their behavior (the doeling) at this point is strictly running from me and ignoring me in the turn out area.
  19. CaramelKittey
    Spring has Sprung!
  20. DJC
    bottle jaw