Altai Mountain

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    It was between the years 1944 and 1982 that the Altai Mountain breed of goat was created in the farms of Gorno-Altai Autonomous Region which is under the former Soviet Union. The Don goat which hails from the Don River of Russia was bred with local goats which then resulted to the Altai Mountain breed which is a superior wool producing goat. The Don goat is well-known for its superior quality production of wool, milk, and goatskin. More so, the Altai Mountain breed is recognized to produce the highest volumes of wool per sheared goat. This is also one of the goat breeds which produce milk with high fat content.

    The Altai Mountain goats adapt readily and are viable even to extreme husbandry conditions. They also have first-rate meat quality and high live weight which are deemed superior in comparison to local goats as they tend to fatten on a speedy rate at a relatively short span of time. Altai Mountain goats are also consistent in terms of size, color, and in milk and wool production. They have a maximum wool yield that surpasses that of the local breed with females producing 450-600g and males generating 600-900g.

    The wool or fleece produce of Altai Mountain breed of goats are of superior technical qualities which is an indispensable commodity specifically for the light industry. The fiber length of wool produce is at approximately 8-9cm for both males and females. The guard hair color and consistency is dark grey and black. The quality of wool produce such as the fineness, strength, and length is not at all affected by the extensive maintenance on pastures as it grows precisely in seasons conducive to feeding.

    Young pedigree goats of the same breed were raised and made for sale to varied goat farms. The actual breeding process of the Altai Mountain goat is geared towards the sizeable growth of the pedigree goat in numbers and also to accelerate wool production and increase live weight. The only downside is that Altai Mountain goats mature at a slower pace and has a life expectancy of 5 to 5.5 years.


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