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    wow, I think I am first nc kiko breeder on here if list is current. Excited to use this site as a forum with other goat breeders and farmers.
    We are located in Carthage NC, About an hour south of Raleigh, sort of south central NC. We have been raising kikos since 2009. All of our stock is registered kikos American Purebred 95% -99.5% Kiko and 100% New Zealand Kikos. We have 20 acres with about 18.5 as pasture land. We raise our goats using the most recent educational information available theat we can find. I have attended more than 10 educational workshops on raising goats, have hay tested, and work closely with livestock agent to try to build the most healthy pasture.
    We spend time with our goats, trying to hold all of them some when they are born and the ones we can catch as they grow. We feel it is far easier to care for a goat when you can handle them easily. I have sold many goats for 8 years now and have not had one complaint. We go to national kiko goat auctions and have purchased some of the best bloodlines in the country.
    We love talking to others about raising goats. We welcome those who want to learn about raising kikos to come tour our farm. We spend about 1.5 hours reviewing why barn set up the way it is, equipment we have made, how to understand papers from various registries, handouts on basic information about raising goats. We currently have several does, doelings and bucklings for sale. Every dam and sire is posted on our website as well as goats for sale, and we can be reached after 6:00 pm M-F and anytime on weekends at 910-947-1744. Call us if you are interested in kikos.


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