• Coat:
    The Arapawa goat is a small, attractive breed in which both genders are horned and sport elegant goaty beards. The bucks (billies) have flattened and wide-sweeping horns, whilst the horns of the does (nannies) are shorter, rounder and curve backwards over the head.

    The bucks lean towards being stocky while the nannies have a tendency to be slender and fine-boned. When allowed to browse on high-fibre forage they can develop the round-bellied look of the Olde English goat.

    Black-striped facial markings are distinctive features in the Arapawa goat breed which come in a range of colours from black and tan, through to tan, fawn, cream and red in the solid colours, as well as brown and white, and white with black markings. While the coat is generally short but fluffy, there is a propensity for shaggy leggings to be present, especially on the hind legs.

    With their very appealing natures, Arapawa goats are an ideal addition to a lifestyle block. As well as affectionate companion animals, they make excellent weed-eaters, preferring rough vegetation to sown grass. However they do need good fencing if kept in a free-range setting as they can squeeze through small spaces, and being amazingly agile, can leap a standard sized fence. They also require shelter as they do not like being left out in very wet weather.


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