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    This breed was said to come from an indigenous breed of goats that came from South Africa which were developed around the early 1900s. Their name is derived from the Dutch word "boer" which actually means farmer. The Boer was said to have been bred by the Namaqua Bushmen and the Fooku tribes and then crossed with Indian and European breeds.

    Commonly, Boer goats have white coats with brown heads. On the other hand, some goats can also be completely white or brown. They also have long sweeping ears. Docile and fast-growing with fertility rates, the Boer is a popular breed for many goat breeders in the United States. The females have better mothering skills compared to other breeds. The males weigh around 110 to 135 kg and females weigh around 90 to 100 kg.

    The Boer is bred more for their meat. Because of its excellent build for meat production, this goat is considered one of the most popular breeds for goat meat production in the world. They have a high resistance to disease and they are also adaptable in different weather conditions. In the United States, Boer meat production can be found in San Angelo and Menard, west-central Texas. The initial breeding stock came from New Zealand but was later imported directly from South Africa.
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