Brown Shorthair

  • Coat:
    Also known as Hned Kratkosrsta Koza, the Brown Shorthair Goat was developed from a native breed of un-uniform color, which is light-brown to white, and it was improved by crossing it with German brown bucks, also called Erzgebirgziege, at the end of 19th century. In 1954-55, it was recognized as an autonomous breed as is it allowed to independently graze in the northern and western mountain regions of the Czech Republic where the goats were settled by the German ethnic until 1945.

    Since it was crossed with the German brown, the Brown Shorthair's appearance is quite similar to it with glossy short hair. It also has dark brown coat and face. They have upright ears and most goats are hornless. They are fine in appearance and are long legged. A noticeable trait is their black eel stripe that runs from their rear to their tail tip. These goats bellies, shanks and hooves are also black.

    Females weigh about 54 to 64 kg and their heights come around 70 - 75 cm. Their heart girth is around 80 - 102 cm. The males usually weigh around 64 86 kg; their heights are at 75 - 85 cm. The bucks heart girth is around 90-110 cm in heart girth. The Brown Shorthair Goat matures very early and they can start breeding in their 12th 15th month. Currently, they number at 400 with 40% of the goats are held in 4 commercial herds. They are mostly bred for milk production.


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