Canary Island

  • Coat:
    The most essential livestock in the Canary Island is the goat. Majority of them are considered dairy goats and they are as many as those in the US. Even sheep in the Canary Islands are milked.

    Canary Island goats are found in Spain and have horns that are twisted. Their colors come in a wide range.

    They survive on terrains that are rugged and dry and are descendants of the Guanche inhabitants who existed about 2,500 years ago. The Canarian goats can produce high amounts of milk that are important in the creation of popular cheese around the world. It is usually free from modern diseases that inflict dairy goats. It is in Gran Canaria where you can search for Queso Majorero right from the Fuereventura island to get a taste of the cheese made from this goat breed's milk.

    The Canarian goats come with horns that are bigger than the average male goat. They are able to live well even in the mountains and island cliffs. It has tough legs with tiny udders. It will eat anything including bags or any kind of clothing.


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