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    The Carpathian goat breed also known by the name, Karpacka or Carpatina is found in the southeastern part of Europe. It is used for the production of milk and meat. It has twisted horns and hair that is long.

    When based in Romania, it can be seen in a variety of colors while when in Poland, it is usually in plain white.

    The Carpathian goat is a local breed discovered way back during the 19th century in the Carpathian Mountains of Poland. Its breed became almost extinct when agriculture and other modern breeding techniques took place. It was just in 2005 when a tiny herd of Carpathian goats were spotted in Poland. They were instantly moved to the National Research Institute of Animal Production.

    This goat breed has normal udders with heads that are shapely yet very long neck. Its horns are thin that go in an upward and backward direction. It comes with beards and long, narrow ears. Both its male and female versions come with a distinct fringe right around the eyes. It has a well built trunk and hindquarters that slope. They are medium sized.

    They adapt well to any environment no matter how adverse and it can even be raised in tiny backyards. They are a friendly goat breed which makes them ideal for agritourism projects.


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