Chamois Colored

  • Coat:
    The Chamois Colored comes in various AKAs like Chamoise des Alpes, Camosciata alpine, and Chamoix Alpine among many others. It milk and meat breed are in Switzerland belonging to the Swiss Mountain group. They usually come in brown color with black stripes on the face, the back, its legs and belly. They can be seen as polled or sometimes horned.

    This Swiss dairy goat comes in medium size with a vigorous appearance. It is obviously in chamois color which means ranging from light to deep red. Some white hairs can also be found on its coat. It is typically the bucks which have more black color on various parts of its body.

    It is a highly adaptable goat breed. They are much shorter in length compared to other Swiss breeds. It has a deep jaw and some broad muzzle. Its forehead is wide and has a pair of prominent eyes. Its ears are set low and pointing forward. It boasts of a friendly disposition. They stop in medium size when they grow mature.

    They also serve as pack animals like dogs used to help in transporting good. They are not afraid of water and other elements of nature found along the trails. Above all, they are preferred by most due to its calm and gentle demeanor.


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