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    The Changthangi is also known as the Pashmina goat breed. It comes from Tiber and other surrounding regions, particularly in Ladakhi Changthang. It is raised to produce meat and of course, wool. Once it is woven, it is called as pashmina.

    This goat breed comes with fleece that is warm and thick. They can live in grasses found all over Ladakh where the temperature can drop up to -20 degree Celsius. Their wool produced is whats used for the popular Pashmina shawls in the market. It is recognized to be one of the finest that is exported around the globe.

    It is often found in white color but can also come sometimes in colors of brown, grey or black. Their horns are large and twisted and used by farmers too as pack animals because of their strength. During the summer days, they go to the higher parts of the alpine pastures and when winter arrives, they come back down to the valleys of the land.

    The mature Changthangi can produce up to 200-300 ml of milk each day after her kids are weaned. About 20% of its population is culled annually to be sold for butchers, hence it is already in the list of endangered species.


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