Cob Cottage Alpines

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    Breeding high-quality ADGA French and American Alpines in the heart of Central Texas! Our goal is to combine excellent conformation with high milk production. While color is not our first goal - good conformation will always come first - it is certainly a bonus! We have had many different color combinations in our kids, mainly Lavenders, Blacks, Broken Cou Clairs and Cou Blancs, and several more. Wattles are common in our herd, but can be removed at birth.

    Our whole herd is CAE/CL negative, and we do our best to test yearly.

    Many of our animals trace directly back to a doe well-known for passing on her traits. GCH Willow Run Apache Josefina 3*M LA 92 EEEE, 1st at Nationals and a Top Ten Milker, has been very influential in our herd. Her line tends to be slower maturing, but the wait is well worth it!

    Currently, our herd is small, consisting of several Sr. and Jr. does, although we plan on adding several more does and a buck soon. We utilize both A.I. and live breedings to bring in superior genetics from well-known breeders. We do participate in ADGA\'s performance programs whenever possible, and enter the show ring on occasion.

    Don\'t hesitate to contact us with any questions! Thank you for your interest in our small herd!

    ~ Visit our website for more info! . We are also on Facebook. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!


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