Danielle and Julie Coiro

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    Welcome! Here you will meet our lovable ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarves.We are passionate about this breed, and concentrate on breeding goats that are gentle and loving pets, hardy, good producers of sweet milk, and built in such a way to encourage easy kiddings and showsuccess.

    Our goat kids are raised under the loving care of their dams, and are in constant interaction with people of all ages. We believe this produces well-rounded animals that are physically and emotionally healthy, as well as extremely friendly and interactive.

    Our herd has tested CAE, CL, and JOHNES negative. We cannot guarantee we are disease-free, only that we test and are clean to the best of our ability and knowledge.

    **We ship!** We also will drive to meet buyers. Feel free to contact us with any questions at woodhavenfarm2010@gmail.com.

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