Day Dream Farms

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    Our herd here at Day Dream Farms consist of ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian's and one 100% SA Boer. We raise our goats with a dual propose for milk production while still maintaining show quality features. Our herd possesses successful bloodlines such as; Saada, Price O The Field, Goldthwaite, Hagler, Foxwood, Amberwood, Spring's-Meadow, Infinity, Spots of Sandales, B.E.S.T. and Piccolo Joes. We raise our goats on a mixture of alfalfa hay (excluding bucks/bucklings), orchard/timothy grass hay and a 16% milk enhancing dairy goat ration. Our goats have access to free choice minerals, sodium bicarbonate and a small ration of high quality kelp. Our herd is 100% CAE negative and we test annually. We can do a mixture of dam and/or bottle raising. All kids are allowed to nurse their dams from birth unless a kid is pre-ordered with bottle raising as a preference. We look forward to servicing your Nubian needs with our quality Purebred Nubian stock.


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