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    Garganica is a native Italian breed from Gargani which is located in the Province of Foggia to Apulia. It was crossbred to other European goats from the west. It was originally bred in Foggia as well as in other provinces in Southern Italy such as Basilicata, Campania and Calabria.

    This breed has black coat with shiny hair. Some goats also come in reddish coats. The Garganica have long curly black hair all over their body. They also have black skin under their coats. Both male and female Garganica goats are horned. Garganicas are not very heavy goats. The female weigh around 35 - 40 kg and the male at around 55 - 65 kg. The female Garganica can be as tall is 75 cm while the male at 85 cm. With only 200 to around 250 liters of milk a year, the Garganica goats are usually bred because of its robustness and vitally. It used to be raised in the wild and they are adaptable to difficult habitats.


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