Goat Treats

  1. 4-HGoatGirl
    "Great product for training and rewards"
    Pros - Goats love taste No bitter smell Nutritious
    Cons - Can be pricey depending on store and location
    I would definitley recommend this product to anyone looking for rewards for their goats or for training uses. My goats are always extra happy when they see me coming with a bag of treats. The goats certainly love the flavor, also.

    Becareful, rats and spiders/bugs love to get into the bag and soil the treats. I put a clip on my bag and keep it indoors. The bag is 6 lb. and lasts awhile, good news since refills are costly. I know for sure Tractor Supply Co. has them. My price is $8.99, but some other feed stores and locations have lower prices.

    Overall, I would certainly recommend anyone these goat treats. Goats love them, and I'm happy with them myself.