Goat with injured hind leg

  • Hi there, sorry I’m new to this site and not quite sure I’m posting in the right spot! Hope you can help!
    But my goat mick jumped out of the ute window last week and got his back leg stuck. He has been lame on it since then, he is still eating and drinking and getting about (although he doesn’t go too far) we live over 3 hours away from a vet and hoping not to have to take him in there if I can avoid it. It seems to be up in the thigh region, I thought at first he had dislocated his hip but I can lie him on his back and although it’s not straight with the other leg I can straighten it out to the same length. It feels like the hip is fine and equal both sides. I feel it’s somewhere between the hip and knee...you can prod it and move it about without him being too uncomfortable. Anyone have any ideas what he might have possibly done or had a goat with a similar situation?!


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