Gulabi Pateri Goat

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    This name is in two languages Urdu and Sindhi, the word GULABI is Urdu, means PINK color and the word PATERI is Sindhi means BELTED.The word Pateri has great importance in this breed,because Pateri is itself a breed's name,found in Pakistan.
    Basically it is a quadratic cross breed,which means,it is a combination of two Primary breeds and two secondary breeds,according to their influences.The breeds involved in this quadratic cross are Rajhanpuri goat,Pateri goat,Kamori goat and Beetal goat.A short introduction of these breeds is as follows.
    They are the Beetals of Rajhanpur,it is most strongest opinion about this breed.They are pure white in color with Pinkish mat skin and their hoof are white too.They are the habitat of Rajhanpur,and that is why they are called Rajhanpuri goats.Most importantly they have loosing skin with heavy wrinkles on it under their chin.Both the males and females have no horns.They are also known as Rajhanpuri Kapla.
    The Pateri is one of the heaviest breeds of goats found in Sindh.Body color is white and their face, neck and ears are reddish brown.The ears are long and drooping and wide at the end.they also have the loosing skin under their chin.They have medium size horns.They are basically meat goats but with good milking quality.
    Kamori goats are actually Dairy goats but they have a large body size too.Both male and female gains a good body weight,and size that is why they are also good for meat production.One can say that they are the National identity of Indus valley, just like the Arabian horse of the Bedouin people(nomadic tribesmen of Arabia).
    Beetal goat are very commonly found in Punjab province ,they are basically dairy goats but because of their large size and weight they are also good meat producers too.
    There are many other opinions regarding the formation of this breed.But any how, now it is a number one Brand in Pakistan.
    This breed is found in Pakistan .The actual location of its home is Province Sindh , Naushahro Feroze District .But now the people of Karachi city adopted this breed as a pet at their homes.Some of us are really breeding them well the, weather of Karachi is much better for their health.
    They are very famous for their beauty because they have White horns , White hoofs , and Pink skin .The skin of their mouth and tail is pink which is a strong sign of its purity of breed.They have very long ears.Another special sign of this breed is both male and female have a hanging skin under their chin it starts from chin to the chest,like a bull.
    USAGE :
    They are very useful for both dairy and meat production .An average quantity of milk produced by a goat is up to 2 to 3 litters twice a day.As far as meat production is concerned a well grown male can produce 50kg to 70kg of meat in 18 months.
    For further information u can ask me?
    I am S.M.USAMA as USAMARS from Karachi, Pakistan this is my first time on ''The Goat Spot''.
    Most of these images belongs to my personal herd at my home, plz do'nt misuse them u can contact me at : [email protected] or as USAMARS at The Goat
    (NOTE:There is no written information any where I found till now,the above information is collected verbally by many experienced goat keepers ,farmers and very experienced goat traders.)

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