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    Have A Chance Farm is comfortably nestled on 40 acres in the wooded areas of West Milford. Owning the entire mountain, we have plenty of space for our goats to jump on the rocks,clean the brush, and play "king of the mountain." They are a huge asset for our farm as they clean areas for our other animals to live, but that's not all!Our miniature goats provide us with milk throughout the entire year allowingus to make delicious desserts, cheeses, soaps, and much more. Webreed exclusivelyNigerian Dwarf goats and depend on them to give us alarge supply of milk. We do not breed standard goats, so we focuson milk production. Nonetheless, webreed forcorrect conformation, as we are strong believers that the conformation of the does affects her productivity. For this reason, we use very nice bucks in or out of our herd in order to improve the weak points in our does and emphasize their strong. We surely got your goat whether for showing, milk, and/or pets!

    We test yearly for CAE/CL/Johnnes. New Jersey is a TB free state. Any new additions to our herd come from negative herds.

    All goats are registered with AGS and ADGA.Ourregistered herd name for AGS is, "Half A Chance" and for ADGA, "Have A Chance".

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    Have A Chance Farm
    West Milford, NJ 07480
    [email protected],com


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