• Coat:
    Hyrcus goats are fleece goats which produces high quality cashmere. Hyrcus goat can be found in several regions of Asia. Currently, it can be found in China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Iran. The Hyrcus goats are very adaptable to changing weathers. In fact, it can survive very cold winter months as well as very torrid summers. In surviving this different kind of weathers, the Hyrcus develops a course outer coat. It also develops an underfleece which is commonly known as "cashmere" but referred to by the breeder as "down". The light and soft fiber that the Hyrcus goat produces measures around 14 to 15 microns which is capable of maintaining temperature insulation for either hot or cold climate. The Hyrcus produce about 150 to 200 grams of cashmere.


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