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    Howdy & Welcome to J&K Farms TX!

    ADGA/AGS Dual Registered Nigerian Dwarfs
    MDGA Registered Mini Nubian and Mini Alpine Dairy Goats
    San Antonio, Texas
    CAE/CL/Johnes Negative Herd

    Our goal is to raise healthy, friendly goats with an emphasis on milk production and sound conformation. We provide our small herd with the best in loving care, and they reward us with their affection, delicious milk, and hours of entertainment! We use a wide range of natural remedies, and treat our animals with an eye for long-term health.

    Our philosophy is one of diligent prevention and natural, ethical care of our beloved herd. We have carefully selected our stock from high production and high performing show bloodlines that have proven themselves over time. We pride ourselves on giving honest evaluations and personal attention to every customer.

    Whether you are looking for a competitive animal for the show circuit, a homestead milker, a pet, or the BEST goat's milk products for your family, come see us!
    2014 Kidding Reservations still open. Willing to arrange transport nationwide.
    Check out our 2014 Kidding Schedule (may need to copy and paste address into browser to view): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjKIxH2xKwbLdGxpOHIyWGZfcWszWVAtc0dyWDVMN0E&usp=sharing

    Find us on facebook or www.facebook.com/jandkfarmstx
    Email [email protected]
    Website: www.jkfarmstx.com​


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