Jining Grey

  • Coat:
    Originally from the Shandong Province, the Jining Grey is distinguished for its striking wavy patterns of its kid-pelt. It is actually a traditional commodity in international markets. This breed does well in temperate areas and abundant feeds. They usually reach sexual maturity at around 3 to 4 months of age. They can give birth at around twice per year or thrice two years. They are very prolific and fertile. In fact, they have an average kidding rate of 294%.

    Both male and female Jining Greys are horned. They can also be distinguished with their foretops. The coats vary between black, white or black and white. Compared to other breeds, these goats are small bodied with the males weighing around 33.2 kg and the females at around 25.4 kg.

    This breed also produces some cashmere. The fleece that is produced from the males will range from 50 - 150 g with cashmere fiber being 18 - 30 percent of that. The females produce lower, only around 25 - 50 g of fleece and cashmere being only at 16 - 20 percent. The fiber diameter of the cashmere in both male and female Jining Greys average at 13.0 microns.


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