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    Just Kidding Nigerian Dwarf Goat Farm, we are dedicated to raising,
    breeding\' and selling quality goats that have correct conformations and
    great personalities with the best milk production in a small package, to
    approved families. We look for families that will provide them with a
    safe environment, Veterinary & medical care, balanced diet for good
    nutrition. We have yearly blood work on each goat to ensure that they
    are healthy and free of disease. All
    of our kids will be dis-budded, have their CD&T vaccination
    &castrated if requested. And pre-spoiled! We preform the
    dis-buddings ourselves, and we also band boys for castrations. We
    are located in Central Pennsylvania and nestled in Buckwheat Valley. We
    are a small farm of eleven does and two bucks. I was lucky in 2010 to
    find two beautiful does for sale in NY. When they had kids we decided
    to keep two of the females. From there we decided that we wanted a buck
    of our own, and we found him in Felton, PA. I took in three more females
    when a very close friend needed help re-homing her goats so she could
    be with her husband again. And we keep growing as does our love of the
    breed. We have expanded and the new barn was completed this summer
    (2014). We now have water and electric to the barn. And we just finished
    insulating the milk room and nurseries so we will have some real heat
    this year for those beautiful kids at birth. A word of caution to anyone
    thinking about starting a herd, they are addictive; you will soon want
    one of every color. They are gentle, loving animals that enjoy time with
    their owners. They each have their own personalities, likes and
    dislikes. I am so glad that they were brought into our lives and that
    they are part of our family. We like drinking the goat\'s milk and it is a
    much better option for me as I am lactose intolerant. We use the milk
    for drinking, and my husband\'s favorite, making ice cream, soaps, cheese
    & cooking. We have met many people along the way that have helped
    us become the owners that we are today. Thank you for all of the hours
    you have spent helping us. And we look forward to helping as many people
    as we can in return. We are proud members of AGS (American Goat
    Society) & ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association).


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