Knorthgna Lappgetter

  • I raise a local strain of goats that we call "sapmi goats". They are what's left of the goats the sapmi people kept with their reindeers for milk. They are not an actual breed per se but they've been geographically isolated for many many years without being mixed with other breeds or purposefully bred to enhance characteristics.

    We work with support from the swedish government to preserve this local variant as they are a part of our history and also have evolved qualities we don't see in other goats here. For example, they are very hardy against the cold and even newborn kids can endure -30C/-22F if they just get dry. They are incredibly good at seeking food and don't hesitate for a second to go through snow to their backs to find some good tasty pine in the winter.

    Feel free to ask 'Zadie' on this site about sapmi goats!


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