Lamancha, Nubian, Alpine mix

  • Coat:
    Brown and white, coffee
    I am new to goat spot. I am hoping to re home four beautiful does. I have two lamancha/ nubian mix does ( mother daughter) and two yearling does that are lamancha/ nubian/ alpine mix. Two of my girls are currently milking. They are wonderful and friendly, I have been keeping them on our little homestead just milking for our family.
    We have decided we would like to travel more and our regular goat sitter moved so we are deciding it's time to move the girls on so we can get off the farm a bit .
    I am hoping to find someone who is either looking to start up milking goats or already has a small herd and is looking to expand. I can add more details later or feel free to ask questions. Located in Kutztown, Pa. 20200803_081537.jpg 20200803_081537.jpg


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