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    Developed in Oregon around the 1930s by Eula F. Frey, she cross bred some Spanish short-eared goats with her Swiss and Nubian bucks. The La Mancha typically bred as a dairy goat. It is usually noted for its tiny external ears. The goats are actually medium in size. They are a generally gentle, quiet and calm temperament. The La Mancha has a straight face and a Roman nose which is actually a characteristic of the Nubian goat. Any coat color is acceptable for the La Mancha as long the short is found to be fine, glossy and short.

    There are two types of ear that occurs in La Manchas: one is the gopher ear where the ear only has a maximum length of one inch and has no cartilage, if any then only very little; and other is the elf ear where the ear has a two inch length maximum. Both types should turn upwards or downwards at the end. Bucks stand about 75 - 77 cm and weigh around 73 75 kg; the does around 70 - 72 cm and weighs around 57 59 kg. Because of their very small ears, they are not raised with ear tags or tattoos. For identification, the tattoos are place on the tail web instead.

    With an all-around sturdiness, the La Mancha can endure hardships and still be able to produce milk. Tests show that the La Manchas milk is high in butterfat.


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