Lil Bleats Farm - Elizabeth Ahola

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    Lil Bleats Farm
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Along the Front Range of Colorado
    We Don't Just Breed Goats - We Strive To Improve The Genetics​

    As our motto says (We Don't Just Breed Goats - We Strive To Improve The Genetics) we are passionate about raising top quality healthy Nigerian Dwarf goats. We go all-out and continually work to produce champions and great milkers who have friendly personalities to boot.

    We are proud of our buck lineup as they prove themselves in their girls with nice conformation and udders. We make certain our boys have lovely breeding does who have high udders, good teat placement, large orifices, and conformation to support lots of milking years.

    Our goats are AGS and ADGA registered, healthy, and well socialized. We do random CAE, CL, Johnes, and Q-Fever testing every year.

    We ship nationwide out of the Denver Airport and the Colorado Springs Airport. To date our goats have been sold to folks in Colorado and Oklahoma.

    Stop by and give us a virtual tour at and be sure to visit our Testimonials page to read what people are saying about us.​


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